Explore Early Learning Centres in Bangkok

Much headway has been made over the last decade in improving childhood education and development. In 2017, the United Kingdom created and adopted the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education system, which sets the guidelines for education for children up to the age of five. This system has been adopted by many early learning centres in Bangkok that want to keep pace with one of the best pedagogies in the world.

Parents of young children in Bangkok who are looking for the best curriculum for their young children should consider early learning centres in Bangkok that strictly follow the EYFS system. That way, they are assured that their children will be getting the best education possible from a team of qualified and trained professional teachers and staff. 

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What is the EYFS

The EYFS was established to serve as a standard for educational excellence in the UK. Rather than leave curriculums and teaching practices up to the individual learning centres and schools, the UK felt it would be beneficial for all British children to receive a standard foundational education regardless of where their parents enrolled them.

Following EYFS ensures that students will be mentally and socially prepared to enter primary school after age 5. This is achieved by a carefully planned curriculum revolving around play-based learning and developing hard and soft skills. After all, children’s minds are malleable and need to be shaped in a way that promotes inspiration for a lifelong learning journey. 

Where are EYFS Schools in Bangkok?

Fortunately, there are multiple early learning centres in Bangkok that strictly follow the EYFS program. Regardless of where in Bangkok you live, you will be sure to find an accredited school that follows EYFS. Just check a school’s website for their curriculum. If they are an EYFS school, they will proudly broadcast that information.  

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