Explore the Neighbourhoods of Bangkok

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Discover the Neighbourhoods of Bangkok

Bangkok is a vast, cosmopolitan metropolis full of unique, colourful and vibrant areas. It’s a city of neighbourhoods, each with its individual character, people, architecture and flavours.

But most first-time visitors to the city stay along the river or Sukhumvit Road because these areas are all they’ve heard about the city, and these areas contain the most well-known attractions. They mistakenly return home after their trip and tell their friends they’ve experienced Bangkok. 

Get Away from the Main Areas to See the Real Bangkok

The people who really get a sense of what makes Bangkok so special in the list of the world’s great cities are those visitors who make it a point to get away from the touristy areas. Instead, they seek out and explore some of the many neighbourhoods in the city to find out what everyday life is like. 

As travellers become more knowledgeable about Bangkok, many of them have posted blogs and articles about what they’ve found in the neighbourhoods of Bangkok. Any first-time visitor should look online for these postings and let them serve as a guide for your trip to the city. 

By all means, seeing the Grand Palace, Temple of the Dawn, and Wat Po are all once in a lifetime experiences, and you should visit them while you’re here. 

But reserve at least a couple of days, put on some comfortable walking shoes, and head out to explore the neighbourhoods that are less famous to everyone but Bangkok residents. 

Neighbourhoods like Charoen Krung, Ari, and Phra Khanong will give you a different perspective of the city. They will help you see why Bangkok had become the world’s most desirable city to visit before the pandemic. Now that the borders are opening up to visitors again, discover the real charm of Bangkok. You’ll gain a new and special appreciation for the magic of this world-renowned city.

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