Discover the Villa Clusters of Mulberry Grove

Explore the Villa Clusters of Mulberry Grove

Multiple generations of a Thai family tend to live close to one another. This can be as much for social reasons and to lend comfort and assistance to one another when the need arises. It’s a warm, friendly and practical way of living. 

And now, a unique development in Bangna is integrating this traditional Thai family lifestyle into the homes they are offering. They are offering homes arranged in villa clusters to encourage this tradition and preserve the family’s way of life. 

Living Among Nature

The homes offered by MQDC are part of the ‘intergeneration living community’ of The Forestias, a 158-acre natural environment in Bangna that contains Mulberry Grove.  

Mulberry Grove is one of four developments within The Forestias. The spacious, luxury villas of Mulberry Grove are arranged in these villa clusters to encourage large families to live together in the beautiful natural environment of woodland, meadows and lakes that The Forestias offers. 

Stunning Modern Villa Lifestyle

The villas themselves are perfectly designed to fit into their environment. With large windows and wide-open spacious floorplans, these villas are integrated into their surroundings and use the interplay of atria and enclosed spaces to underline and celebrate their location in a beautiful forest setting. 

With three, four, and five-bedroom models on offer, they are called the Roseberry, Visionberry, and Legendberry homes. These re-configurable homes offer plenty of light and space for a large, active family to thrive within. 

Buyers of these spacious luxury homes are also entitled to use the Mulberry Reserve Club, an exclusive club for Mulberry Grove homeowners and their families. The club offers The Play Room, a place where children can safely play with the games and many activities it offers. 

Adults can work out on the state-of-the-art equipment of The Studio, a private and exclusive exercise area, or take a class in the Yoga Room and unwind from the day. After class, homeowners can relax in the steam room or sauna then join the kids in the expansive swimming pool.  

Providing Ties to the Family

But it’s the ingenious layout of the villas at Mulberry Grove that’s causing so much interest among large families. These families long for life within peaceful forested surroundings within easy reach of Bangkok. 

The villa cluster concept connects villas close to one another by elevated and covered walkways. These walkways provide intimacy and ease of access and maintain the villa’s individual privacy. Multiple generations can live right next door to each other. Family members can easily watch over the senior members of the family to ensure their safety and comfort. 

Explore the New Family Lifestyle in a Natural Environment

Come and explore this new concept in family living and see all the other benefits of buying a luxury villa in the natural splendour of The Forestias in nearby Bangna.

Contact MQDC today to find out how living a harmonious, natural lifestyle amid forests, meadows, and lakes can benefit the whole family. 

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