Discover the Dedication of a Small Pet Bottle Manufacturer


Explore the Dedication of a Small Pet Bottle Manufacturer

Packaging manufacturers often try to improve their products to suit their customer’s needs better. They also try to keep the consumer experience in mind to try and strike a balance between seeing to the needs of their customers and the ultimate end-users of the product. 

This is where one small pet bottle manufacturer in Thailand found itself. When you manufacture something so commonplace, like a small PET bottle, that it’s an everyday item in everyone’s life, it’s extremely difficult to improve the product, even when an improvement is warranted. 

Victor Packaging Group is one of the most experienced PET bottles and extruded and PBL tube manufacturers in Thailand. They’ve been in business since 1975, and with six plants in operation, they ship their products to many international customers around the world.

Victor Group has kept improving their products and processes as part of its business ethic. They are also a leader in their industry in reducing their carbon footprint. This project is still ongoing, but by using hybrid technologies, they hope to become up to 70% more power-efficient. They’ll accomplish this by investing in redesigning and retooling their operations equipment. 

This is the sort of dedication Victor Group has shown throughout the years the company has been in operation. And this dedication has led to their latest improvement. 

Flaw in Their Small PET Bottles

There has always been a need for manufacturers to make their products stand out from the crowd. This is especially the case with companies in the cosmetic and personal care industry, where a manufacturer’s product may be placed on a retailer’s shelf right next to a similar item. 

While many manufacturers offered variations in the standard small PET bottles to help their client’s packaging appear as unique as their products, this often created more problems than it solved. 

There’s a good reason that many PET bottles look the same. The shape of the PET bottle is carefully designed to offer the same wall thickness throughout the bottle. When some manufacturers started altering the design, they also altered the wall thickness. And this caused an increase in broken bottles and wasted products. 

Taking a Different Approach

Victor Group understood why other manufacturers were experiencing so many broken bottles. They also understood how important it was to their customers to have a unique-looking bottle. 

They took a different approach to the problem, and instead of allowing the designers to lead the redesign process, they chose to let the desired quality level of the bottle lead the process.  

They used their manufacturing experience to control the total process from preform injection to stretch blowing. By having control over the total manufacturing process, they were able to satisfy the need for originality in design and keep the quality level of the bottles to their exacting standards. 

To learn more about all the benefits of partnering with Victor Group, get in touch with them today and see how they can help your brand stand out from the crowd. 

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