Things to do when Visiting Singapore

Things to do when Visiting Singapore

Singapore is a unique, small island country located in the southernmost tip of Southeast Asia. This small island nation has more to do in it than meets the eye, as a melting pot of different cultures, you’ll often see road signs and other such signs written in four different languages. Singapore has plenty to do for the adventurous traveler, here are some of the most popular ways that people spend their time in Singapore. 

Visit Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is probably one of the most iconic landmarks that has transformed Singapore’s skyline. This sequence of three towers is a hotel with a large infinity pool at the very top, and a casino on the bottom floor. If you want to see a view of Singapore from the comfort of being immersed in water, you can book a stay at this hotel and gain access to the rooftop infinity pool. If you’re looking to gamble you can play in the casino at any of the various 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. Marina Bay Sands truly is an iconic location in Singapore. 

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a small island located off the southern coast of Singapore’s main island, and is known for its attractions including Madame Tussauds Singapore, two golf courses, 14 hotels, and Resorts World Sentosa, which features Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Studios Singapore is quite an enjoyable theme park, with various rides and attractions based on the Universal Studios movies such as Transformers and Jurassic Park. The island is known unofficially as “The State of Fun”, and all the various attractions are sure to prove it. 

Singapore Grand Prix

What better way is there to enjoy the sounds and sights of Singapore than by watching a night of hard racing from the fastest cars on the planet. The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most famous Formula 1 races due to it being a ‘street track’. The narrow streets and roads with the most advanced race cars in the world barely shaving the barriers as they rocket through the track at 300 km/h is a sight to behold. The Singapore Grand Prix is fun not only for its racing, but also for the various fan activities and musical performances that play through the night, making the event one giant party. 

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