The Difficulty in Staying Healthy

The Difficulty in Staying Healthy ?

Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook will have be bombarded with numerous photos of glorious food that makes it that much more difficult to adhere strictly to a diet and exercise regime. It is the ultimate test of self-restraint and discipline. Especially in Bangkok where the barrier of entry to some of the world’s most delicious food and desserts is but a short walk away and at an affordable price. 

It seems in  Thailand, there’s little emphasis on healthy eating. Thai food culture has a high emphasis on a high fat, sodium and sugar diet. Visit any of the night markets and you will be hard pressed to find many healthy food options. What is a man (or woman) to do if you would like to stay healthy in Thailand? 

Thankfully, because of its domestic farming, access to salads and vegetables are relatively easy, readily available and affordable for most people. You don’t need to break the bank to blend up that healthy breakfast smoothie. And lunch can be a simple papaya salad from the many street stalls that populate the Chid Lom and Sukhumvit areas. 

Meal-prepping is a popular method to prevent you from straying off a healthy diet at work too. Taking hte time to prepare healthier meals over the weekend and freezing them for the week will stop you from choosing less healthy options at the office. Naturally, we would be less likely to falter if we make it easier to eat healthy. 

Lastly, if you start subscribing to healthier threads on your social media outlets, you will be less likely to be drawn back into an unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyle and diet. And with healthcare costs continuing to rise with each decade, think of this as a form of health insurance to guard against terrible heart disease in the near future.

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